3 steps to build your online presence

1 Your business need a website

A well functional website help your business to establish online presence, with the additional of eCommerce features, your Website works like a 24 hours ATM machine

3 Website Analytics

Get the insights of your website data like the number of visitors, where are they from, etc.

Website Design / Ecommerce Portfolio

Ecommerce shop page

Shop page

Your buyers select your products

Product Page

Show product detail after a product is selected

Shopping cart

Your buyer preview their selected item(s) at a glance

Content Marketing

If you want to move prospects from interested to paying customers you’ll need to map the customer’s journey and create fitting content for every stage from Build Awareness to Customer Retention

Build Awareness

Video Content Marketing

Platform: YouTube
Objective: Build brand awareness. Also, based on engagement rate (No. of Likes and shares) to identify target for digital painting


Objective: Based on engagement rate (No. of Likes and shares) to determine which digital painting are in demand/favorable

Platform: Pinterest


Platform: Facebook ads

Objectives: Conversion ads to capture leads

Customer Retention

Platform: Email marketing campaign

Objectives: Additional sales from existing customer

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

What is SEO ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a strategy to implement search engine optimization in such a way that the website is more easily found by search engines. The steps involved include creating a list of keywords, analyzing the first page of Google results, creating something different or better, optimizing for on-page SEO and search intent, focusing on content design, and building links to the page.

Facebook Ads (Social Media Marketing)

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Facebook Marketing enables you to engage with your target audience, drive traffic to your website and increase your bottom line.

Facebook advertising offers a variety of ad formats.

We can help you to target your advertisements based on demographics, psychographics or even competitors.. In addition, we can even show you how you can track exactly which conversion have resulted from your ads.

Website Analytics

Get the insights of the performance of your website to ensure that it is meeting your goals. include tracking of visitor activity, which pages are engaging your Users, etc

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