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Sam Ting was awarded

PA STARS Trainer Awards (Merit) 2017

Oh My Ads was awarded PA STARS Trainer Awards (Merit) 2017


Sam Ting was very honored to be interviewed TWICE by
Singapore Radio Capital 95.8 FM

Shin Min Daily Interview

Shin Min Daily Interview
Benefits of digital marketing

The benefits of digital marketing for your business

It Provides Continuous ROI
It educates your customers
It positions you as an authority
It works for every industry
It opens channels of It’s cost-effective
It drives traffic to your website
It builds trust with your audience
It drives conversions, and more sales
It’s a way to keep an eye on your business
It’s the great way to build links
Tell me the best way to start with content marketing?
And helps put sales on autopilot
It improves your chances of ranking for relevant terms
It helps Google (and users) understand your brand
It helps retain current customers/clients