Video Editing Courses

Demo video clips

Video Effect – Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Reserve Motion

Video Effect – Video Sequence with Transitions Effects

Multiple Video Tracks with Color Correction

Video Effect – Add Text, Dynamic Zoom

Keyframe animation – Text animation

Video Effect – Video Inside Text

Video Effect – Apply Colour Effect, Mirror Effect


SkillsFuture@PA Video Editing

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The 9 benefits of using videos:

1. Video is where your customers spend their time.

2. Videos stay online and in Google results for a very long time, making it more cost-effective over time.

3. YouTube is the second-largest search engine, meaning videos get ranked high in Google results.

4. Videos can be shared easily.

5. Video levels the playing field.

6. Video entertains, educates, and inspires.

7. Video allows for enhance feedback and interaction.

8. Single video can be used on multiple social media, example YouTube, Facebook, websites, etc

9. Since social media apps are available on mobile devices, so does your videos.


Courses Outlines:

  1. Video editing fundamental:
    1. Application of video editing
    2. Video Editing software comparison
    3. Download and installation
    4. Understand digital video editor interface and workflow.
    5. Understand media file types
    6. Video files conversion
  2. Create single track video sequence
    1. Working with timeline
    2. Video trimming
    3. Apply transition effect
    4. TASK: Create a short video with sound track.
  3. Multiple track editing and adding texts (video titles)
    1. Adding multiple video tracks
    2. Adding video title: crawl, roll, title
    3. TASK: Create multiple tracks video sequence with video title
  4. Blue/green screen removal (chroma keying effect)
    1. Capture video footage
    2. Video stabilisation
    3. Add video tracks
    4. Add keying effect
    5. Video Crop effect
    6. TASK: Create blue/green screen effect with desired footages
  5. Video editing for YouTube
    1. Create your profile or product/services video
    2. Upload video to YouTube
    3. TASK: Create video clip for YouTube and video uploading

Video Editing practice file