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You are welcome to WhatsApp or SMS your name and enquiry to the trainer Sam Ting at 93854038
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OhMyAds 的乐龄学苑课程列表 (全岛各地的联络所)

SiSN (Seniors in Smart Nation) Senior Academy courses by the OhMyAds class schedule (multiple CCs in variosu location)

智能手机/平板电脑 课程

可以使用未来技能补助金(SkillsFuture credit)

线上销售 Selling online

你的家里是不是堆满了杂物? 丢掉这些东西的话可惜,不丢掉又佔了很多的地方?






建立网站与更多人分享你的兴趣,生活或知识!这项课程我将教导同学们简单的网页设计方法, 非常适合初学者学习,并且在网络上发布您的个人网页!




时间:3小时( 1课)

You are welcome to WhatsApp or SMS your name and enquiry to the trainer Sam Ting at 93854038
欢迎WhatsApp或简讯你的名字和询问致陈添来培训师 93854038

Mobile/tablet app courses

SkillsFuture credit can be used


Selling Online

– sell the used stuffs in your house and earn cash

Is your house full of unwanted used stuffs that you don’t feel like throwing away and yet it take up a lot of space?

Now come the opportunity!
In this “Selling online” course, you will learn how to phone app to sell away your old stuffs in your house and make some extra cash

Photo Editing with Mobile Phone

Do you have a lot of photos in your phone? it’s time you do something about it! You can combine ordinary photos into photo collages; adding stickers and text; combine multiple photos with beautiful layouts and stylize your photo with filter effects.

Digital photo Management

In this course, you will learn how to download and use Google Photo app to synchronise and backup your photos. Delete photos. Share photos to WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Free up space on your phone. Choose device folder for back up, etc

Safe Storage with Clouds

Do you take photos using your mobile phone? Do you received photos regularly from WhatsApp? What happen if your phone run out of storage one day?

Learn to backup your files and photos to Google Drive! In this course, you will learn how to download Google Drive app. Add Folders. Share photo, files to google Drive. Navigation in Google Drive as well as folders and file management.

Fun with Music on mobile / tablet

Unleash your hidden musical talent through musical apps. You will learn how to download app to play piano and guitar on mobile phone / tablet.! Bonus segment includes mastering basic music concepts!

This is not a course for downloading music or songs to your mobile phone

Website Creation on Mobile Devices

Websites are a convenient and interactive option to share your life or knowledge with more people in the world! Well-suited for all beginners, this course will equip you with the essentials of web designing in the simplest of ways. Learn about the different themes available to enhance your web pages, and be guided in a walk-through on the steps to publish your content too!

Stay Connected with WhatsApp

Be a part of the social messaging trend today! Hop onto the WhatsApp bandwagon and enjoy the convenience it brings while staying connected! Leave the classroom equipped with the knowledge of creating a group chat and other essential functions!


All course are schedule as followed:
Duration: 3 hrs (1 session)

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Smart Entertainment

Your smart device can do much more than just communication! Rediscover the real meaning of smart entertainment with the numerous options offered online today and learn to use them for easy access to all sorts of entertainment. Be introduced to the top entertainment applications for your daily bits of joy!