Fun with Music on mobile / tablet

Fun with Music on mobile / tabletUnleash your hidden musical talent through musical apps. You will learn how to download app to play piano and guitar on mobile phone / tablet.! Bonus segment includes mastering basic music concepts!Note: This is not a course for downloading music or songs to your mobile phone手机/平板电脑弹唱乐发现你的音乐天!您将学习如何用手机/平板电脑下载及使用钢琴和吉他软件来弹奏音乐!包括掌握基本的音乐理论!注意:这不是下载的音乐或歌曲的课程

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July 9, 2017

Digital Photo Management 

*Digital Photo Management* In this course, you will learn how to use the phone app to automatically back up your photos and videos. And when your phone is low on storage space, you can even  clear the  photos and videos that are were already backed up. *数码照片处理* 你将从这个课程中学习怎样用手机应用程序自动备份你的照片和视频。还有当你的手机储存量不够的时候,你甚至可以用这个软件自动清除已经备份的照片和视频

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July 9, 2017